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“Dirosh De Silva AKA Daioos is a rising star in the world of electronic music, hailing from the enchanting island of Sri Lanka. With a primary focus on Afro-house music, Daioos’s sonic palette also encompasses downtempo, melodic, and underground techno, creating a captivating and dynamic musical experience.

Daioos performed at the illustrious Club Transformator in Wroclaw, where the crowd was taken on a mesmerizing journey through rhythm and sound. He is also a valued member of the Dynamik Dwarf Collective based in Wroclaw, Poland contributing to the collective’s mission of pushing boundaries and exploring the uncharted realms of electronic music.

But it’s not just the club scene where Daioos shines. With experience performing at weddings, Daioos has mastered the art of reading the crowd and creating an unforgettable atmosphere. Daioos possesses the rare skill of selecting music that resonates with diverse audiences, ensuring that everyone moves to the infectious beat and unique vibe that is distinctly Daioos.

In an industry where talent and innovation reign supreme, Daioos stands out as an emerging DJ with an exceptional ability to transport listeners to new musical realms. With an unwavering dedication to the craft and an innate sense of groove, Daioos continues to make waves and leave a lasting impression. Keep an ear out for this rising star, as the journey has only just begun.”

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