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We Get Lifted Radio is joining forces with RadioCave during December 2023.

Join us for a week-long musical extravaganza hosted by RadioCave and the Foundation of Families. They are a non-profit based collective that supports and celebrates musicians and artists from various genres and backgrounds, while helping to educate and bring awareness to other noble special needs 501c3 efforts globally.

This event is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for MindFreedom International, a human rights group that advocates for more humane and empowering mental health models. Each day features different EDM genres and showcases talented performers from around the world.

On the last day, we will have our own singers and songwriters to bring you good tidings and prosperity for the new year. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy some amazing tunes and support a noble cause!

This event includes new submissions from the public and from our families@ DMT-FM, Phreak Recordings, Siren Project, We Get Lifted Radio, The Bomb Skwad Network and SCEDMLIVE


Each day from 12/26-12/31 we will focus on a specific EDM genre and will have performances scheduled on our YouTube each hour from 8am – Midnight.


On January 1st we will have our very own Foundation of Families singers & acoustic musicians performing for good tidings & prosperity into our new year.

The daily genre schedule is below and our artist line-up will be coming soon.

Dec 26 – Variety EDM – All Genres

Dec 27 – Trance/House/Techno
(We get lifted Radio Spotlight)

Dec 28 – Breaks
(Phreak Recordings Spotlight)

Dec 29 – PsyTrance – PsyBreaks
(DMT-FM Spotlight)

Dec 30 – DnB

Jan 31 – Variety EDM – All Genres

Jan 1 – Exclusive to RC Singers and Song Writers and custom entries from the public.

Updates and more details coming soon to: www.radiocave.org 


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