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Stephan Panches on We Get Lifted Radio – Thursdays 2pm GMT

From the age of 20 and until the age of 30, Stephan PANCHES mixed in generalist clubs in the south of France such as LE BLACK PIRATE, LE MUST, L’ENDROIT, LE MATCHICO, LE DINOS, etc…

At the age of 30 he began to take a closer interest in House Music and Electro, he became a resident of the Mythical Swinger Club Extasia and mixed in the summers in front of more than 2000 people, but he also went through small Clubs where he performs there for Afters.
Today and after a long absence, Stephan PANCHES is back, between fiery mix and production, to the delight of these fans.

His greatest pleasure is to see the joy and good humour in people every time he performs.
Behind all this hides a huge sensitivity.

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