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Stevie B.
Electronic music has been my great passion since the mid-1980s, when beats like “Let the music play” by Shannon, “Relax” by Frankie goes to Hollywood or “Billy Jean” by Michael Jackson dominated the dance floors.
During the weekends in countless clubs in North Rhine-Westphalia, this passion grew deeper and deeper. So, at the age of 18, my first weekend jobs at the bars or doors of various discos in my hometown of Neuss were predestined.
Always up to date with the latest music, I started collecting records and later also CDs. The art of mixing songs as a DJ has always fascinated me.
At the time I only occasionally tried the controls.
It was only after a serious accident four years ago that I found my way back to this great passion and took the time to thoroughly organize my > 85 TB music database. It occurred to me that the playlists created during long nights would be perfect for creating a mix.
One man one word, and feddisch.
Why not share it with other music fans? With Mixcloud I found the most suitable portal for me to share my music with like-minded people. More and more unusual mixes quickly emerged, and the number of followers grew from week to week.
In the first 1.5 years I quickly gained 15,000 followers. Even if I dealt with emails and requests every day, I never got done. And for me, I was far too busy with things that I didn’t even do. But I was so motivated that I became more and more dissatisfied because this enthusiasm was so motivated to achieve even more, for example booking a party here and there. Since then, I feel like I’m doing what makes me happiest, which is taking people on short vacations with music.
I have made music the center of my life for 10 years now. Through the constant expansion of my technology and software, countless nice, intrusive friendships have been created all over the world, some of which go far beyond my passion for music.
I can’t imagine a greater feeling of happiness than taking people on a journey through sounds, beats and beautiful memories for an hour or two
35 years of passion for collecting were created and refined with a modern, fat sound. That’s why I invite everyone to see for themselves and embark on such a journey with me. I can only say:
Follow me on a journey of senses and feelings. Only the feeling of what music does to you will make you understand that when you get involved with it it is one of the most beautiful feelings and can feel like a “short vacation”!
Mixcloud says: DJ Stevie B is proof that you don’t have to be a superstar DJ to top the Mixcloud charts. After releasing over 400 sets, Germany-based Stevie B. has captivated Mixcloud listeners with his eclectic mix of dance music, from deep house, melodic tech house, progressive house, nu-disco, jacking house to techno , captivated.
With over 67,300 followers, Stevie B’s rise to the top seems inevitable.
We will see what happens…….

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