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Floormagnet, the Swedish electronica collective, strikes gold for the new year with their brand-new, 303-driven cut, ‘Lie To Me’, set to be released on 26th January 2024 under FM Recordings. This release is a distinct blend of techno and acid house, tailored for DJs and specialist radio audiences who appreciate the nuances of these genres.

‘Lie To Me’ exemplifies Floormagnet’s signature style: unadulterated, unfiltered techno with a consistent infusion of acid house elements. The track promises to be a robust addition to the collective’s discography, showcasing their ability to produce music that resonates with the electronic music community.

This release is not just a track but a statement from Floormagnet, setting a high standard for the year ahead. It’s a testament to their evolving artistry in the electronica landscape.

You can hear Floormagnet’s exclusive radio show, on the 3rd Thursday of the month, at 8pm GMT on We Get Lifted Radio!

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