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Good friends Monzilla and Sleepless Skies join forces to create ‘Tiger Lily’, a masterpiece which will let you embark on a mesmerizing journey through sonic landscapes where lush melodies and progressive beats converge in a symphony of transcendent elegance. With a soft organic sounding beats the track unfolds and works towards the lush piano melody that’s present till the end, ‘Tiger Lily’ is a warm chill track that will place the listener in a relaxed state of mind. It’s been getting early support from the likes of Eelkje Klein and Guy Mantzur. 

The producers say: “we wanted to create a track that just combined our passion for beautiful melodies, with real progressive house groove. We both have a shared love of old 00’s trance music, so this track draws from influences like Mike Koglin and Thee Drives. The name was kind of random, it just sounded pretty and felt like it fitted the vibe of the track. Tiger Lilies are stunning flowers.”  

Although both producers have been independently forging a course through the underground progressive scene, with releases on labels like Sommersville, Maldesoule, Jee Productions and Morphland, this is their first collaboration. And will more in the pipeline it looks set to be an inspired musical partnership!  

You can hear Sleepless Skies exclusive show every Saturday at 3pm GMT, on We Get Lifted Radio!

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