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We Get Lifted Radio Presents… In the VIP Room with Floormagnet!
Welcome to the first WGLR In The Vip Room! First off, tell us how you got together as a collective of 6?

Thanks for having us!

We’re old and new friends with a central interest in common – we live for music. This spans several generations and genres, which makes the sound unique and ours.
As we started our journey towards today over 30 years ago, fascination for the genre started with influences by the pioneers of electronic music, 1976-1982, that moved on to house, acid, techno, and sub-genres. It profoundly touched our hearts with the composition, rhythm, melody, timbre, and the tension between predictability and spontaneity.

Our sound is rooted in the underground, Floormagnet let ideas flow freely by pushing boundaries and develop their own characteristics captivating sounds. Inspired by the Swedish addictive nature, the intense darkness and light, and vulnerability it´s in their DNA. Nevertheless, they don´t follow trends. Genre-less electronic music.

One of us has a solid musical background from college, a London resident who’s been breathing, playing, and producing music as a DJ/producer. One of us has an eye for the artistic side of things and creates all the covers. Another one of us makes videos and has a solid IT background with great interest in steering and connecting chords on old synths. Another has a background as a management consultant, who manages the business strategy, marketing and is also a fashion stylist.

We have clear roles of responsibility; we create together and see ourselves as a dynamic music collective. In the studio we´re agile and embrace diversity in the team. As we don’t want to get caught up in any genre, as we love most things in dance music.

How would you describe your style as producers? Who are some artists that you draw inspiration from?

We’re passionate and like to explore together with our unique style of music blend with influences from the pioneers and we had a clear path when we founded Floormagnet as a collective. We wanted everyone to contribute with their style so that we don’t end up sounding like everything else in the industry. We never follow trends and genre-less electronic music. However, musical inspiration is always welcome and something that we all take with us which is an important parameter in the creative process.

We draw inspiration from the early years of electronic music from Kraftwerk, The Human League, Soft Cell, Ultravox, Visage, Yello, John Foxx, Simple Minds, Depeche Mode and Yazoo. With “Pump Up The Volume” and The KLF’s “What Time Is Love,” we discovered a new focus on electronic music that has since captured our passion.1986 in Ibiza with Paul Oakenfold and Boy George, our old fore-pictures were mixed with the new dance music in an unforgettable mix.

On top of that we also take inspiration from DJ Tennis, Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, DJ Hell, Larry Heard, Sasha, John Digweed, Joel Mull, Anthony Pappa, Headless Techno, Adam Beyer, Jeff Mills, Sven Väth, Dosem and many more.

 Do you work remotely only, or do you get together for production sessions?

We do both, but more often remotely. It´s fun to jam together to create the right soundscape.
In the studio we´re agile. We want everyone to be able to develop and challenge themselves. Having respect for each other, sensitivity and having opinions in the productions is important to deliver quality with each release.
How many Floormagnet artists are DJ’s as well as producers?

The setup of the collective is that all of us six are producers and we have one front man of Floormagnet who´s “the main DJ”, but we´re a totally three DJ’s in the collective. Many of us within collective prefer “to be in the back” and stay low key.
Where do you take your inspiration from in your productions?

We take inspiration from everything in life but sometimes it also depends in what phase and mood we´re in life. Like being in nature, the silence can boost our creativity and listen to different music genres, clubbing, concerts, art, travelling to Ibiza, Miami, Berlin, and London can really inspires to become vampires in the studio.

    You’ve had an amazing meteoric rise over the last few years, with support right across the electronic music scene’s big names! What’s been your highlight of 2023 so far?

    It´s been an unreal journey and sometimes we need to pinch ourselves in arms, so humble and thankful for all the supporters!

    Can we ONLY pick one, but we need to pick two… The sign on Selador with “Laura” by legends Dave Seeman and Steve Parry and of course it needs to be Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim, that was huge for us and a recognition when our big idol played “Kiss Me” (Acid Dub Mix) at Brunch in Madrid.
    Your imprint, FM Recordings is on fire! Any secret weapons heading our way?

    Thanks and we´re actually in the next phase with the label and we will soon release other artists music, which is exciting.
    Plans for the future you can share with us?

    We´re currently collaborating with the progressive house legend Circulation and an forthcoming EP “Afterglow Ibiza” will released in June plus more fun incoming projects.
    Thank you for getting into it with us!

    We look forward to continuing with your exclusive radio show with us on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 8pm GMT. Big love from We Get Lifted Radio.

    Our pleasure and many thanks for having us In your “hot seat”, In the VIP Room and we´re so proud of being part of the “We Get Lifted Radio” family!


    1. An amazing insight and delightful deep dive! Thanks, Floormagnet for the amazing music, an the peek behind the curtain..

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