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Philoop 2.0 is on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 6pm GMT.

Everything started by chance, except the love for music. Philoop was born in Rome, but lives in the countryside near Florence. Many of his friends or relatives in Rome do not know this new reality of his. Because he has been listening to music since he was born and comes from the 80s, so he has disco influences. And it was only after graduating as a DJ in Rome (in 2015) that Philoop spent the last few years between villages, private parties and clubs, finally blossoming in Florence. Still today (January 2024), many in Rome are still unaware of its musical novelty.

He loves loops, which is why he chose his artist’s name: Philoop 2.0. He calls himself a ‘nobody’ because there is still a long way to go. However, in less than a year he has met many artists on Soundcloud, with some of whom he has created incredible sets, collaborates with Ibiza Stardust Radio, NDC Radio with Pete Ellison and The Disco Waltson in London, House Jet Radio in Los Angeles, Electro House Connection in France. 

The WeGetLiftedRadio family is full of talent and being part of it is an indescribable pleasure. Thanks to DJ Lady Duracell for this gift.

Philoop 2.0 is honoured to start this new adventure. He looks for melody, harmony, and creativity in the mix, which can take a long time to prepare. Philoop’s sound can be described as disco house, funky house, soulful house, deep house and and it is precisely with this last genre that he has gained some valuable satisfaction, one of which is being broadcast on WeGetLiftedRadio. 

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