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Wednesdays 6pm GMT. Togan Moler aka DJ TOGANN was born in Izmir, Turkey in 1978. His interest in Electronic music started back in the mid 90s.He studied his Bachelor’s degree in San Diego, CA, and then he lived in New York, NY until 2008 where he was attracted,and overwhelmed by the fascination of Electronic music …

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Saturday’s 3pm GMT Sleepless Skies is a melodic house and techno producer and performer from the U.K. His trademark sound fuses trancey, melodic sensibilities with tough beats and deep grooves, to create a sound which takes listeners on an other worldly journey.Sleepless Skies runs the label, Night Visions, which is committed to releasing music for …



Fridays 7pm (GMT) ‘Cool (GR) is a true electronic music lover. His musical journey started through drum n bass, acid, trance and techno and later on depeloped his ears into progressive house.For the last 16 years he is a professional dj who plays all kinds of music, but he never forgothis true passion about electronica. …

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